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Accept things that you can’t change

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Expectations are limitless. They are infinite. We want more and more till we ourselves are no more. Expectations make us beggars at the doors of Gods and Goddesses whereas meditation dawns upon us that we are the repository of eternal and immortal Bliss. The musk - deer, after vain search for the cause of the scent of the musk, at last will have to find it in him.

Most of the expectations arise from comparison with others. One layer out of seven layers of mind is that it always compares itself with others. He is healthier than I. He is richer than I. He is ahead of me. I am lagging behind. He is having two bungalows and two Mercedes. I am having only one house and, perhaps, no car. Remember that you are you. Almighty has placed you in a particular position and has given you a role to play.

Feel proud about the role given to you by Almighty. Accept yourself; you are the children of Bliss. You are soul’s immortal, spirits free, blest and eternal. You are not matter though tethered with matter, you consider yourself nothing but matter and crave for material and ephemeral world. We are to live in world and there is nothing wrong in putting our shoulders to the wheel. Live in the world but don’t let the world live in you.

So we have to accept many things which we can’t change. However hard we may try; we can’t change the temporary abode of this world into the eternal one. An invisible hand will take us away and we will have to leave this world one day. Gurudev Swami Shri Vishvas Ji recites:-

ऐ वक्त गुज़रदा जांदा ऐ, हर इक नू रोज़ जगांदा ऐ
पर लक्खां विच्चों कोई विरला मुल्ल वक्त दा पान्दा ऐ

This thought may bring gloom and doom but Swami Vishvas Ji has very cheering news for us that we are the children of immortal Bliss. We are not at all the beggars. We are the kings of kings. We are soul’s immortal, spirits free, blest and eternal. We are to realize ourselves through Meditation which is the nectar of all scriptures. Meditation removes all stress and strain and provides us full contentment and acceptance of things or circumstances we can’t change. It takes away begging bowl from us.

Endless desires arise out of boisterous mind, which has taken away mastership from us. The fact is that we are the masters and mind is there to serve us to do our duties in the external world. Mind has very little or no role in the internal world. It is the product of external world i.e. society and tend to go outside in infinite directions. When we start walking within our own true self, it becomes boisterous and raises tremendous noises and we get lost in its complexities and anxieties. Mind becomes our master and we are overjoyed when mind is happy and becomes depressed when mind is gloomy. Contentment is not its nature. It aspires for moon and even if it attains moon, it is not contented. It will not let you accept things, which you can’t change.

The only solution is meditation, which is the nectar of all scriptures. Through meditation, we attain our mastership over mind. Not only we accept things which we can’t change but would enjoy Bliss in everything and in all circumstances, we would recite:

राजी है हम उसी में जिस में तेरी रज़ा है
यहाँ यूँ भी वाह वाह है, वहाँ वूँ भी वाह वाह है

The same sentiments are expressed by Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji in His Holy voice

जब उसकी रजा पर छोड़ दिया आबाद करे, बर्बाद करे
जिस का था उसी को सौंप दिया, दिल दे के तकाज़ा कौन करे

The highway to attain that is Vishvas Meditation i.e. the purest form of meditation which is not concentration, contemplation and thinking. It is not controlling the mind as each control results in repression and depression. It's only watching and witnessing. Meditation is not mind’s effort. In fact it is not an effort at all. It is an understanding that you watch the mind without any effort. Watching is not an effort. Effort is something we have to do. Watching is not something we have to do. Watching is our natural capacity. When we watch anything, that thing is separate from us. Continuous witnessing and watching the mind without any stress or strain, gives us the understanding that we are not the mind. We are not the thoughts. We and mind are not one. We are the masters of mind.

Mind will be out of our way and we will realise our true Self, which is ALL KNOWLEDGE, ALL EXISTENCE and ALL BLISS. From our heart of hearts a voice will come up:-

जब अपने ही दिल में खुदाई है काबा में सजदा कौन करे
जब दिल में खयाले सनम आ बसा फिर गैर की पूजा कौन करे

Meditation is such a precious gift bestowed on all of us by the Almighty and expounded by Gurudev Sh. Swami Vishvas Ji that a man of meditation experiences ever-lasting Bliss and does not care for any result or circumstances. Meditation is for sake of meditation. It is not result – oriented. Of course, silence comes out of it, peace comes out of it and divine comes out it but they are not the results. If you are looking for result, nothing will happen. Meditation is for sake of meditation. It is not a means to attain something. It is an (end of yourself or a new start of yourself or new born of yourself) end in itself. When we go deep in meditation, we feel the same Bliss which we experience in dreamless state with a difference that in Meditation, we are fully aware whereas in dreamless state, we are not.

Meditation is awareness, alertness, wakefulness (dreamless state is not wake – fullness) and understanding that you can watch your thoughts and mind without any stress or strain. Watch anything in mind, we are cut off. Watching is a sword. When we close our eyes, thick darkness would appear along with a caravan of thoughts – positive and negative – coming from somewhere, nowhere and elsewhere. When we go on watching, watching and watching them, darkness will start evaporating and thoughts go on diminishing and eventually they disappear. The clear blue sky appears with no clouds of thoughts. There would be Bliss all around and nothing would shake you off from your Source. Not only you would accept what you can’t change but there would be nothing which you want to change.

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