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Awareness in Every Moment

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With the grace of God, May New Year bring you peace, prosperity, happiness, awareness and meditation in every moment. We live with minimum of awareness, consciousness. We go on doing things, we go on moving this or that but we are not conscious. We live almost in a drunken state, in a fog. It seems as if thick fog engulfs us. Sometimes we come out of fog with the holy voice of a saint or some spiritual leader but soon the fog penetrates us. Have we ever had any moments of awareness so that we can see, we can compare.

Keats said
“What is this life if full of cares,
We have no time to stand & stare”

If we are aware, we will find our consciousness more, we have come out of a fog. The fog surrounds us. Sometimes something penetrates the fog as some unknown happening and brings us out. But ordinarily life is so monotonous that nothing brings us out and there is no surprise.

We are unaware
Be happy and be aware
Rejoice and be aware

When we are flowing with joy, blissfulness, we are aware. That is the moment to be aware but people do exactly the opposite. When they are happy, who cares about awareness? And when they are in anguish, then certainly they start thinking that it is time to be aware and get out of anguish but nobody has ever been able to get out of anguish directly. Awareness takes you away from fears, tension & mind and provides relaxation.

Awareness and relaxation are two sides of the same coin. Tension cannot exist in the light of awareness. As you relax, certain awareness arises in you. They are inseparable. To start with relaxation is difficult because even the effort to relax creates tension. Start from awareness, which takes you away from the mind and the identification with the mind. That is the MEDITATION with wakefulness, awareness and watchfulness. Awareness takes you away from all the anxieties, worries and fears. Body starts relaxing. Tensions cannot exist in the light of awareness.

कहाँ जा रहा हैं, ऐ जाने वाले
अँधेरे है मन के, दिया तो जला ले

O’ traveller! Be aware! Where are you going? Kindle the light of MEDITATION in the thick darkness spread all around by the mind. Awareness will evaporate the mist of ignorance. Through awareness all that is negative like darkness with light will dissolve-hatred, anger, sadness, violence. Then love, ecstasy, joy will be revealed to you.

Be aware of yourself. Whatsoever you are doing be aware of yourself doing it. Constant remembering creates a centre, a centre of stillness, a centre of inner mastery, an inner power. Use any opportunity to be aware, to be alert and to be at the centre from periphery. Be aware in simple things like walking, bathing, eating and sleeping etc. Take charge from Robot. Don’t walk, bathe, eat or do any simple thing mechanically without being aware of it. If you can do simple things with awareness unlike Robot, you will also know how to enter difficult things with awareness”, said Buddha to his disciples.

You have full awareness. You don’t have to achieve it. Awareness is simple and innocent. Everyone has it, so it is not a question of achievement. You are aware of sunset, you are aware of a beautiful flower. When you are looking at sunset, you are so absorbed in the beauty of the sunset that you completely forget that there is a greater beauty which is making it possible for you to know the beauty of sunset- it is your awareness. In the holy voice of Swami Vishvas Ji

अपनी न की पहचान, बड़ी भूल हुई
बरसों किये ख़राब, खुदा तलाश में हमने

We made a big blunder of being unaware of ourselves and wasted years after years in search of God.

When we are aware of the beauty of sunset or flower our awareness is focused on an object – the sunset, the sunrise or the moon. Drop the object and just remain engulfed in awareness, pure awareness, in silence, in peace. Just be alert.

Awareness functions as magic. Awareness dissolves all that is ugly in us and brings out all that is beautiful. Awareness is a transforming force. Whatever deepens with your awareness is virtue and whatever disappears with your awareness is sin. Become more aware and less unaware. Right is enhanced through it and wrong is destroyed.

As no method or technique is required in Meditation, awareness is spontaneous. It is in every moment. Don’t create any unnatural discipline for yourself. Your awareness helps you to be natural, to be spontaneous non-interfering, non-repressive but yet you are aware. You are neither to indulge nor renounce. You are to be in the world but not of it.

All the struggles anxieties, worries start from the fact that we live in periphery far away from our centre which is a centre of peace, stillness inner mastery and inner power. Centre is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Bliss is there. Bliss has got no opposites. Pleasure is followed by pain, happiness is by misery, joy by sorrow but Bliss is Bliss. That is your awareness which is already there and you don’t have to achieve it. It is spontaneous. We are to be aware of it every moment, through Vishvas Meditation. When we close our eyes, thick darkness appears which indicates that there is a light behind this grim darkness. Through persistent and regular meditation, that light would dispel darkness and awareness will be prevalent.

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