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Realise Your True Nature

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Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims, “O Man! Know Thyself! Realize yourself! You are the repository of Bliss. You are a roaring lion. You are not the bleating sheep.”

The unfortunate event that has happened to us is that we have forgotten our true nature. We gave power to mind, and mind became the master and we – a poor slave, a victim of blood pressure, hyper-tension, and heart-diseases and so on. We consider ourselves Mr. or Mrs., so and so, men or women, bodies or minds.

Day in and day out, we are engrossed in this ephemeral, external, changing world. We always talk about it, think about it and imagine about it. Hence we become a victim of stress and strain. The cause of this tension is in mind which is a social phenomenon and won’t allow us to remember our true nature, since it would mean the death of mind.

Vishvas Meditation takes us into the realms of your true nature. We attain our own kingdom of Bliss which has never been lost. Vishvas Meditation is not controlling the mind. It is just watching the mind. It is not forcing the mind to be quiet. It is finding the quiet that is always there.

Swami Ji reminds us that all the knowledge and Bliss are within us. We are the Shiv-Netra. We are the Maha-Surya. Only our inner self is shrouded with the layers of ignorance spread by the restless mind.

So watchword of Swami Ji is “Awake! Awake! Never never consider yourself a sinner. It is a sin to call yourself a sinner.” Of course we make mistakes. Errors are in our doing (mind) and not in our being (true nature). The way to realize our true nature, to attain peace and tranquility, to get rid of about hundred diseases such as blood-pressure, heart diseases, asthma etc. is Vishvas Meditation.

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