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Going beyond the slayer of the real

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The real is Self-illumination, Self-existence and Self-knowledge. Unfortunately it is hidden under the layers of mind. "This mind is Maya. Wealth is not Maya. World is not Maya" is heard from Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji's sermons. This mind is the greatest obstacle to explore the possibilities of inner space. It is almost impossible to hold the mind to one thing for more than a few seconds. Unless you go beyond the mind or mind becomes un-mind, this mind will make you dance unto its own tune and that will ruin your life mercilessly. It is not without significance that so many people suffer from mental illness because they have, in a very real sense been ripped apart by their own indiscipline of mind.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims in a very loud and clear voice, "O children of Bliss! You are the master of mind and not the slave of mind. The worst and unfortunate thing that has happened is that you consider yourself nothing but mind and waste all your energies and powers in controlling it, in making it understand whereas you yourself don't know who you are? So all the techniques of controlling the mind have failed miserably."

After closing the eyes, you just watch your mind which is jumping round from the past to the future. Just watch and watch and do nothing. Watch your thoughts, watch your mind. It is true that it is a chastening experience to sit down and do nothing because all sorts of thoughts would create waves in the lake of your mind but if you keep on watching and watching, these thoughts will subside and eventually mind will become no-mind. You will go beyond mind and realize the immense bliss. When you step beyond thought, intellect and reasoning, you will find yourself in the realm of your true self and that is the beginning of life which knows no death, no destruction, and no misery" proclaims Gurudev Swami Vishvas Ji.

The clarion call of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji is that you are not "miserable sinners", who are not worthy together up the crumbs under 'Thy Table' as professed by certain faith of the world. You are the Shiv Netra. You are All knowledge, All existence and All Bliss.

All we are to do is to understand the nature of mind. It is a social product, a social phenomena. Society has provided it Gurudev Ji says that 70% of one's mind is developed in the first seven years of child and the rest throughout his life. So the external world has given us this gift and naturally it goes towards it. When we forcefully try to bring it to the internal world which is our immense treasure, it creates an upheaval and revolts us it is its death. Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji provides us the easiest self-proving process and a cheerful tiding that the way to go beyond the mind - the slayer of Real is just to watch it and watch it wakefully and persistently.

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