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Power of NOW

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It is a well known fact that

Past is History
Future is Mystery
PRESENT is Divinity

Present is Parmatman. God is omnipresent. God is not something, which existed centuries ago and would have no existence in future. It is All-Existence, All-Knowledge and All-Bliss. Living in present means living in God and living in Bliss. The power of Now provides us perfect peace, happiness and tranquillity. The power of NOW gives a death-blow to all the fears, doubts, weaknesses and negative feelings of all sorts. All the gloom and doom comes from thoughts of Past or Future.

There isn’t any space for any thought to usher in PRESENT. Now is so small that thoughts cannot exist. They need a little place to play around, to jog around. The present moment, NOW, cannot contain any thoughts, so mind cannot exist in the present; it exists in past or future. Mind is an expert about the past and an expert about the future – and both are not, the past is gone and the future is unknown.

Man either runs backwards or forwards but the mind is never here, never NOW. To be here, NOW, means we have slipped out of mind. And to slip out of mind for a single moment is of tremendous beauty and tremendous significance because we see what reality is. That is the Power of Now that we are able to discriminate between the unreal and real.

We see that which is. Then we see God or Truth. Then we see existence in its authentic colour, quality and sound. The present means eternal; the present is part of eternity. Through the present, we slip into God. We slip out of the mind and into God.

Through present, we slip out of ego and into our innermost core, which is also the innermost core of the whole existence. Then we go beyond mind and become the masters of mind. We stay in PRESENT. The future or past enters the moment when the mind starts working. Then either we are imagining or remembering. It gives enough space for the mind to fool around in future or in past, to go on thinking thoughts, to go on dreaming dreams. There is enough Space. Future is the opening for mind.

But the moment mind starts working we are closed to the PRESENT – and the present is all that is real. Both the past and future are unreal. First is gone forever and the latter has not yet arrived. When we are living in present, we live with reality moment to moment. We enjoy ourselves every moment of our existence considering ourselves nay knowing ourselves as All-Existence, All-Knowledge and All-Bliss and not the helpless creatures being crushed under the wheels of time, space and causation, that is the marvellous power of NOW.

Our joy becomes so much by and by and by moment to moment, we go on being blissful. In ordinary things, we are blissful. We don’t ask for moon to be blissful. We don’t ask for great things, we don’t ask for paradise to be blissful when we become accustomed to stay in PRESENT through VISHVAS MEDITATION. Small things can make us blissful.

Small things such as playing with own child, eating our own food, taking a shower or going for a morning walk is more than enough to make us blissful. Just running on the beach is more than enough. What more do we want to be happy? The warm rays of the sun showering on you and the touch of cool sand…what more do we need to be happy? Playing with the child, the laughter of the child…what more do we need to be happy? Of course, these little things can’t make us happy if a swarm of worries of future invade our mind.

In that case when our mind is in turmoil, we should wait calmly while seeking the remedy. Vishvas Meditation is the panacea for all such turmoil and relieves us from the clutches of mind. Spray the worries with the powerful chemical of peace, which is the outcome of Vishvas Meditation. Through regular meditation, we realise that there is nothing but God in this universe. All these worries, fears, troubles and tribulations are unreal. The whole of universe is floating like a motion picture on the screen of our consciousness. We look at this universe nothing but pure Spirit, pure Light and pure Joy.

The picture of our bodies and all things in this world are only rays of light streaming out of that sacred Light. As I don’t dwell on Past or Future, I see that Light and see nothing but Pure Spirit. The more I dwell on my own Pure Spirit which is within me, more troubles and tribulations take to their wings. Even if they come, they won’t have any effect on me as I am the Pure Spirit.

Worries and fears generally spring from imagining some unforeseen avalanche falling on us in future. “Worry is the interest paid on trouble before it falls due.” Living in PRESENT produces peace. Practise the practice of peace. We should live each present moment completely and the future will take care of itself. Live only in the present, not in the future. Do your best today; don’t look for to-morrow.

When we have peace in every movement of body and peace in our thinking and peace in our will power and peace and God in our ambitions, we should remember that we have connected our own Self with life. Having filled with peace by living in PRESENT, we become filled with joy of making others happy by giving them God-peace. Then we have a feeling that God is expressing through us. Such is the POWER Of NOW.

Complexities of life are such that we are usually driven either into the remote past or unforeseen future. We seldom stay in PRESENT. So long as we are immersed in body consciousness, we are like strangers in a foreign land. Our native land is Omnipresence, which can be experienced through the Power of NOW.

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