When we sit silently and peacefully and close our eyes and start watching within, thick darkness appears within and a long caravan of thoughts ushers in from somewhere and no-where. Mind starts a film which has a beginning but no ending. Sometimes the mind makes us cheerful, high on spirits and sometimes gloomy, low in spirits. Meditation is to be a witness. A Sakshi, to our thoughts and mind. It means that we watch our thoughts, our mind without evaluation, judgment, condemnation or appreciation, involvement or interference. In no way we are affected.

The English word ‘Surrender’ for Samarpan could be misleading. Surrender could be out of fear and force. The vanquished army surrenders before the powerful one. The proclaimed offender surrenders before the police. The slave surrenders before his buyer Master, Samarpan in total is out of devotion and love. It comes from the inner most heart of the seeker. The devotee renders Samarpan to self without any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

We live life knowingly only when we live consciously with full awareness of what we are doing and why we are doing. Most of the time, things are done mechanically with minimum consciousness of ourselves or in a drunken state. Full awareness is missing. True consciousness is not there. We do not know our true selves. We are groping in darkness. How can we live knowingly? Gurudev Sh. Swami Vishvas Ji recites in His holy voice:-

We live with minimum of awareness towards our own being without caring to know who we are and where we are going and what for. It appears as if we are living in a drunken state. We go on doing things without being conscious of them. We have become just like a robot or an automatic machine. It appears as if fog surrounds us all around. Sometimes we come out of fog with a clarion call from some enlightened personality but soon we are engulfed in the fog. This fog is unawareness, unconsciousness, Stress & Strain.

All around the globe, voices are heard that life is misery, life is Dukha, life is a continuous struggle and life is not a bed of roses. Above all, life is followed by death which keeps no calendar. Death is stalking everyone on this earth day and night. None whether rich or poor, young or old, high or low and wise or ignorant is spared from its clutches. Then there is the dual throng of pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, sun and shade, success and failure, rise and fall. Happiness is followed by misery. We desire happiness and good time all the time but it seldom happens.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites in his holy voice a heart-throbbing Reality:-

मैं तां सोच सोच कर हारा
तेरियाँ तू जाण मालिका

In His pious and spiritual voice, Swami Vishvas Sh. Gurudev Vishvas Ji recites:

तेरी याद में रो लेना, ये प्यास हमारी है,
विरह का इक आसूँ, सौ शास्त्रों पे भारी है।।

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites:-

ऐ वक्त गुज़रदा जांदा ऐ, हर इक नूं रोज़ जगांदा ऐ।
पर लक्खां विच्चों कोई विरला, मुल वक्त दा पांदा ऐ ।।

The most intriguing and baffling question is LIFE itself with all its mysteries, complexities and intricacies. LIFE has been described as a novel written by God and man would go crazy if he tried to understand it by reason alone. There is no place where the meaning of life is written up. There is no book, no scriptures and no bible which has the answer to one's life. There is none who can give you the answer. In fact there is no answer, there is only an understanding. In the light of understanding, the question disappears. And you are the answer. Suddenly the LIFE itself becomes the answer. The way becomes the goal. The seeker is sought and the observer is observed. The objective and subjective are not two but they are looking like two because mind is standing between them and is making a boundary. In fact, knower, knowledge and knowing are one. Reality is only one but hidden under the adamantine wall of mind which can be razed through Meditation.

A god and demon went to learn about the self from a great sage. They studied with him for a long time. At last the sage told them, "You yourselves are the Being you are seeking. Thou are that! Find out for yourself." "Thou art that! Find thyself." was the reply. They understood it to be body and "Eat, drink and be merry" was the be-all and end-all of life. Gods pondered deeply over it and reflected that body perishes and the Saint could not mean body. They went again and asked him if he meant body. "Thou art that! Find thyself "was again the reply.

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