Bliss is neither joy nor happiness nor pleasure because sooner or later joy is followed by sorrow, happiness by misery and pleasure is followed by pain. They are part and parcel of dual throng. However hard we may try or wish earnestly, we cannot have one without another. Bliss has got no counterpart and no opposite and bliss is bliss only. It is inexpressible and it can be experienced only. It does not depend upon any external or outer circumstances or comforts of this ephemeral world. It is an inner experience which is completely centred at one's own Source. It is All EXISTENT, ALL KNOWELDGE and ALL BLISS. Experience it through Vishvas Meditation.

PREM is beyond me and mine as PRE (परे) means far and M stands for me and mine. It is not love for worldly fleeting things. It is not love which demands but gives nothing. It is not even that love which is of exchange type i.e. barter system - shop-keeping. Love flies away when the expectations are not met. PREM-true love knows no bargaining, no fear and no rival.


With the blessings of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji, may New Year bring peace and prosperity to all, along with the awareness and wakefulness towards our own Source, our own Real Self, which is All Existence, All Knowledge and All Bliss.

Worldly possessions and comforts are so much indispensible, that a man deprived of basic necessities and comforts knows how difficult it is to be impoverished, but unfortunately worldly pleasures are ephemeral. They do not last forever. One who smiles today may have to pine sooner or later.

About 400 years ago, Guru Nanak Dev Ji had awakened mankind with these bold words: -

जागो रे जिन जागना, अब जागन की बार
फ़िर क्या जागे नानका, जब छोड़ चले संसार


In 1893, Swami Vivekananda Ji gave a clarion call:



Now Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji recites:

जागो रे सोने वालों, कोई तुम्हें जगाने आया
मैडिटेशन का मौसम तुमको मस्त बनाने आया।

It is quite disappointing that MEDITATION is compared to hypnosis or a technique of hypnosis or even worse, the concentration of the mind. Even the seemingly high intellectuals, holding Master's degrees, have misconceptions and misgivings about MEDITATION. Once, a member of an elite society said, "Except for creating mental derangement, there is absolutely no beneficial value of meditation. Only 'religious maniacs' do meditation and people who are 'mentally sick'."

Be here now means to live each moment completely and practise the presence of peace and bliss which is your true nature, Be here now means to slip from restless mind. And even to slip for a single moment is of tremendous significance because then you see what reality is. Then we see God or Truth. Then we see existence in its authentic colour and quality. We are living in present - not in past or future.

Mere turning over the pages of a book even for hours won't produce any result unless mind stops from wandering around. A worker working in front of a furnace takes a great risk if he loses his attention even for few moments. A man sitting in control tower guiding the planes can cause a major disaster if his attention is distracted even for a split of second. The pilot has to concentrate his mind fully on his work as lives of hundreds of passengers are at stake. No knowledge in the world has been gained but by concentration of the powers of mind.

A man was distributing sweets in a temple. When he was asked the reason for doing so, he replied that his horse was lost. Everyone was surprised that sweets are generally distributed when there is a good news. The man said that the good news was that the rider was saved. With most of us, the rider, the self is lost and we are striving to save the horse that is – the body. We are trying to gain the whole world but we miss the soul, we miss the Atman. Lost, lost, lost. What is lost? The horse or the rider? The horseman is lost. The body is like the horse and the Atman, the true self, the soul is like the rider. The rider is lost the horse is there. That is the wonder.

This life is compared to a clock
The clock of life is wound
but once
And no man has power

To tell just when the hands

will stop.

At late or early hour

Now is the only time you own

Live, love and toil with a will.

Place no faith in tomorrow for

The clock may then be still.

In the words of Swami Ram Tirath "O, the tiny hands of clock! With what iron hands, they sway the world."

Meditation is a process of realizing one's true nature one's real source of 'Bliss' and one's Self. This search for true being applies to all without any exception. So it is as universal as breath is essential to a living being. It is not confined to any sect or society or cast or color or creed. As breath is universal to mankind, so is Dhyan. At one time or another during day, every human being experiences 'Bliss' which may be for few seconds only. He may or may not be able to appreciate that moment or moments or period of 'Bliss' is not at all of his creation or due to his effort. It is 'Dhyan'

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