Foundation stone of Vishvas Meditation Centre, Mohali was laid on February 21. The tent was packed to its capacity. A wave of calmness prevailed over the audience. Then a holy voice came from the front:

As there is endless suffering and sorrow in this world, Buddha’s conviction was that this world is full of sorrow. Most poets ardently expressed that “Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of saddest thought”. Tragedies are generally more heart-touching and popular than other works.

Gurudev Swami Shri Vishvas JI recites in one of His Meditation Retreats:

खाना पीना सोना पशुओं का भी काम
मानुष में बस एक गुण, धरे प्रभु का ध्यान

Man considered that the highway to divinity is building temples, churches, mosques and gurudwaras. He regarded that visiting those places and worshipping them was to be - all and end, all of all. He would attain self-realisation but unfortunately, false ego reigned over there and created huge walls and barriers and the religion which was supposed to be a fountain of love created disharmony, disdain and hatred.

It is a well known fact that

Past is History
Future is Mystery
PRESENT is Divinity

When buffeted by sorrows in this world of disease and death, troubles and tribulations we are drive to desperation and helplessness. We are inclined to agree with Tolstoy, “pessimism is our dread reality, optimism is a faint cheering making the best of a bad job”. We are living in an inebriated state without knowing what is real and what is unreal.

This life is a dual throng of pleasure and pain; sun and shade; success and failure; joy and sorrow; smiles and tears; calmness and restlessness. We only wish to have the light and not darkness, pleasure and not pain, happiness and not sorrow. Knowing fully well that he who smiles today may have to shed tears sooner or later, we hope that it may not happen in our case but it seldom happens.

In Mahabharata, there is described an incident that once a petitioner came to the palace of king Yudhishthira with a request. He was asked to come next day as the king was busy. Upon that king’s brother Bhima started ringing the bell loudly and continuously. In those days, that bell was rung when a territory was conquered or the enemy was vanquished. Every one was bewildered at the sounding of the bell because neither the new territory was taken over nor the enemy was vanquished.

The Oxford Dictionary meaning of mirage is an illusory thing such as an appearance of a sheet of water in a desert. The first and foremost mirage of mind is that it has no existence in the present. It wanders into the dead past or walks into the unforeseen future. It lives in dreams. It is made of dream-stuff. In the day you call these dreams thoughts; in the night you call these thoughts dreams but it is all the same flow, the same energy.

Illusion is formed because everywhere we have to pass through tremendous contradictions in our life and in this world of ours. Wherever there is good there must be evil and wherever there is evil, there must be some good. Wherever there is life death must follow as its shadow and everyone who smiles will have to weep and vice-versa. Nor can this state of things be remedied.

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