Meditation is not a Practice. Meditation is a Process. Meditation is our True Nature. Hence, there are no 'tricks' or 'rules' required to meditate.

Meditation in its natural and original form is a state of non doing, a state of complete relaxation where there are no efforts, no techniques, no methods. Meditation is not a mental exercise. Meditation is a direct approach to the mind.


Considering physical health alone as one’s only target is the highest form of ignorance, as physical health is very temporary.

The moment one comes across stress, if the mind is not strong enough to handle it, all the physical health is lost. A healthy body alone cannot provide you the will power, tolerance and clarity one needs to face difficult times. These are the qualities of a healthy mind. Remember, where a sound body loses, a sound mind wins. It is meditation that equips you with a strong and sound mind, resulting in COMPLETE HEALTH.

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All techniques & methods are for focusing the mind to gain concentration & peace of mind which is very temporary phenomena.

The common misconception is that meditation is concentration of mind and techniques are taught to achieve this. Meditation has got no technique. Concentration is a mental exercise between the mind and the object of attention. But meditation is neither a mental exercise nor a practice. Meditation is a direct and natural process beyond mind itself.

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Vishvas Meditation

Meditation is the Elixir of life. It is a nectar - a tonic for shining good health.

Vishvas Meditation is a powerful ally in the process of recovery and healing. This meditation process has innumerable health benefits. It brings all the chemicals and hormones of the body into complete balance, enabling the mind-body to regain its energy and healing power.

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Vishvas Meditation is a real challenge to stress. It is a very scientific process that lowers stress hormone levels and alters brain wave patterns, eliminating stress from its very roots.

Vishvas Meditation is a highly powerful medicine, a natural medicine for healing stress, hypertension, insomnia and many other ailments. It takes a very scientific approach to stress, helping you get rid of all unnecessary worries which is the prime reason for stress.

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Meditation in 21st century Meditation is a process of inner growth and understanding that prepares you to face life in the current century. The current century is symbolic of an industrial revolution - state of the art technologies, machineries, computers etc.
Meditation at work You cannot exercise at work, but you can certainly meditate to overcome the stress that arises due to work pressure. Meditation builds tremendous clarity, helping you take decisions, with much more ease.
Relax your body and mind Relaxation is the first step to a healthy life which can be achieved through Vishvas Meditation. A relaxed state makes you feel better about yourself and your life.

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