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Source is within and not without. Source of happiness is within. Source of all knowledge and Bliss is within and not without. In vain we search for happiness in the external fleeting objects. A musk deer runs for the search of fragrance here and there which comes from within its own source. We spend the whole life running here and there in pursuit of worldly pleasures because of ignorance that the source of real happiness lies in them. The truth is that our own Self, our own source is the depositary of all Bliss but we forgot all about it and started searching outside. We went to every nook and corner of the world except the place where it was (To see inner Dhyan/Meditation).

अपनी न की पहचान, बड़ी चूक ये हुई
बरसो किये खराब खुदा तलाश में हमने


We made a blunder of not knowing our own source and wasted years and years in search of God.


Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji bestows on us the gift of Vishvas Meditation which razes the adamantine wall of reckless and boisterous mind and takes us to our own Source, which is the treasure of all happiness, peace and Bliss and knows no sorrow, no misery and no limitations, whereas mind creates a web of limitations, endless desires, expectations, fears, anxieties, worries and a caravan of wayward thoughts. Mind was given to us as an instrument and it was supposed to serve us. Swami Ji explains that mind is developed in the first seven years after birth from external world. It is not at all our Master but we are the masters but unfortunately we became infatuated and engrossed with worldly affairs that we forgot our mastership.


Not only that we just became the mind. We consider ourselves nothing but mind. We are at its mercy. We are over the cloud nine (Seven) when mind is cheerful and become depressed when it is gloomy. Consequently, we become the victims of many mental and heart – diseases whereas our own true Self-Source is All Blissful, All existent and All Peaceful. It is ever PRESENT. Present is Parmatman but this restless mind of our does not stay in present. Present is its death-bed. It dwells either in past or in future.


Mind either broods over the dead past or makes castles in future and both of them are false. What is gone, is gone forever and what can be said about what has not come up as yet. When we sit in meditation we observe a caravan of thoughts appearing on the inner horizon of sky besides thick darkness and dead silence. These thoughts come from somewhere, nowhere and elsewhere. Mind starts a film that has a beginning but no ending. We are not to interfere with them. We are not to pass any judgment on them. “Ah! This is a good thought. I must have it, “This is the bad one, and I must discard it. By interfering with the intricacies of mind, we get involved and swayed by mind. Eventually mind overpowers us. We are just to watch and watch the mind; watch the thoughts, watch the darkness and watch whatever is going on within the mind and body without any evaluation, judgment, appreciation or condemnation.


Meditation is not at all concentration, contemplation or thinking. It is not forcing the mind to be quiet. It is finding the quiet i.e. Source which is already there. Continuous watching, witnessing of whatever is going within without any interference will gradually diminish the flow of thoughts and eventually they will vanish. Till then, we keep watching and once mind becomes no-mind, which means thoughts disappear, BHAV – a great deep feeling for Self, Source appears and then we stop watching, we go deep and deep into that great feeling of separation from Source, Self and the holly voice of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji rings in our ears:-


तेरी याद में रो लेना यह प्यास हमारी है
विरह का इक आँसू कई शास्त्रों से भारी है



Crying in your remembrance is our deepest craving for you. A tear drop in separation is worth much more than the scriptures.


It is the experience of almost every meditator that when mind becomes no-mind and there is a gap between the thoughts, BHAV, BLISS or peace does appear though it may be short-lived or may not be at our beck and call. God lives in the gap between thoughts and Meditation increases this gap but meditation must be done regularly, continuously and enthusiastically. First of all, it must be understood what it is, what mind is and what Self, Source is. Meditation is not at all concentration of mind. It is not controlling the mind. It is going beyond mind where our true nature is, Self is, Source is. Once we get out of the myriads of mind, we would experience:-


ये सैर क्या है अजब अनोखा, कि राम मुझ में, मैं राम में हूँ
बगैर सूरत गजब है जलवा, कि राम मुझ में मैं राम में हूँ



I and my father are one. There is one Divinity, one Source, one Reality, and one Self. This mind has created the divisions, the dualities of love, hate, pleasure, pain; joy and sorrow; birth and death.


But for this mind, we would say:-


मैं और मेरा यार एक ही बस्ती में बसते हैं
किस्मत की क्या खूबी है, कि दर्शन को तरसते हैं



I and my Beloved live in the same place but unfortunately can’t see each other (due to mind). Then the voice comes from within:-


मोको कहाँ ढूंढे रे बन्दे, मैं तो तेरे पास में
खोजोगे तो मिलूंगा, पल भर की तलाश में



Where are thou searching for me? I am always available (Swami Ji’s words). I am here side-by-side within you. Only search for me with the flame of meditation. Then definitely we will say:-


दिल के आईने में है तस्वीर-ए-यार (your own Source)

जब जरा गर्दन झुकाई, देख ली


Picture of Beloved is enshrined in the deepest core of heart. Go there and find them. Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji delivers sermon that by heart we don’t mean the combination of flesh and bones pumping in and out the blood. By heart (हृदय) we mean no mind. We will go beyond mind in the realm of our own true Self, our own Source, and our true nature, which is all blissful and peaceful. In the words of Swami Vivekanand Ji, Peace is described as:-


It is not joy not sorrow

But that which is between

It is not night nor morrow

But that which joins them in.


That peace and Bliss are in our own Source.

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