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Pyas - Thirst for Divine

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Delved deep into meditation leaving the boisterous mind far far behind. The aspirant experience the Bliss and Pyas in the innermost shrine of his heart. This Pyas is expressed in the holy voice of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji.

प्यासा जियरा भर भर आता इन नैनं की कोर से
अपने आंसू बांधू किसके कोमल छोर से

Yearning heart for Pyas (Thirst) bursts out from the core of the eyes time and again. In whose soft veil shall I shed my tears?

It is the experience of every aspirant when he dives deep into meditation, meditation disappears, only Bliss appears. Of course mind disappears and is seen nowhere, only Bhav and Bliss appear. That is the Pyas for the Unknown, Self, Effulgent One who is our own self, our own Being. No doing is needed for our own Being. The more you do, the more you move away from your Being. The less you do, the nearer you are to your Being because doing is of the mind. All we need is Pyas, which is not the result of any strenuous efforts. It arouses on its own when we become the Witness of whatever is happening within.

A lot is happening within. Thick darkness, caravan of thoughts coming from somewhere, thoughts coming in bulks, buses, trollies, helicopter and aeroplanes. When we become the Witness without any interference or involvement, thoughts will diminish gradually and disappear eventually and we will be at our Being and Pyas will surface and the aspirant will enjoy the Bliss when he hears the Holy voice of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji:-

तेरी याद में रो लेना, यह प्यास हमारी है
विरहा का इक आंसूं, सब शास्त्रों से भारी हैं

Wailing in your remembrance is our Pyas (Thirst). A drop of the tear coming out of separation is worth more than all the scriptures of world.

Once aroused, this Pyas is never quenched. This is the tremendous thirst that seizes devotee’s heart. Swami Ram Krishan Param Hans Said to Vivekananda, “My child, suppose there is a bag of gold in one room and a robber is in the next room. Do you think that robber can sleep? He cannot. His mind will be always thinking how to get into the room and obtain possession of gold. Do you think that a man firmly persuaded that there is a Reality behind all these appearance, that there is a God, that there is One who never dies, One whose nature is Bliss, compared to which these pleasures of senses are simply play things can rest contended without struggling to attain him.

किस संग कीजे मित्रता, सब जग चलन हार
निश्चय केवल है प्रभु उस संग कीजे प्यार

With whom should we have friendship?
The whole world is in a flux-in motion

Only God is omnipresent, Omnipotent and omniscient. Only have true devotion for Him. Have Pyas for Him.

मैं प्यासा तेरे दर्शन का,मैं प्यासा तेरे दर्शन का,
छोड़ आया में, छोड़ आया में, दर अपनों का

My Pyas is to have your vision. So I have left my own kith and kin. Generally world calls those who crave for God or who have Pyas for Him insane or mad. Ramakrishna Param Hans was so much in the thought of God, the Reality that he would forget to place the food offering before image, sometime he would forget to waive the light, at times he would waive the light for hours and forget everything else. People would say that he had gone mad. The divine madness seized him. At that time a Sanyasi came and saw the boy. (In Swami Vivekananda’s address on “My Master) He said to him.

“My son, bless is the man upon him such madness comes. All men in this world are mad, some are mad after wealth, some for pleasure, some for fame, and some for hundred other things. But blessed are those who are mad after God. Such men are very few”.

In this world’s lunatic asylum, Pyas is unknown entity because meditation is misunderstood for concentration, contemplation and thinking. We are seeking for pleasure in external things and then are doomed and disappointed because real happiness is within us and not in the external objects as ignorant persons are inclined to think. Our own Self is the seat of eternal Bliss for which Pyas arises on its own. No strenuous effort or severe penance is required. All our anxieties and worries will be drowned on their own in Pyas. No method, no technique will arouse this Pyas. All the methods and all the techniques have to be abandoned because they are for the mind and mind does not know what Pyas is. It is left far behind.

From your heart of hearts, a voice comes:-

सुनी मालका, मेरी कूक पपीहे वाली
लाई मैं सदा, मेरी कूक पपीहे वाली

O, My Master, listen to the innermost voice of mine. We are to dive deep into meditation not worrying about anything and not doing anything. Bhav would surface and tear drops would roll down the cheeks and Pyas would arise on its own. Consistent and persistent perseverance is required while sitting quietly with eyes closed gently. We are sitting in the meditation not to achieve anything, not to achieve even Pyas. We are just there to watch whatever we have stored in our mind. It would be a big surprise to find that mind starts a film on its screen with a beginning but no ending. Just by watching your thoughts continuously, mind will disappear and appears Thirst.

दिल के आईने में है तसवीर-ए-यार
जब ज़रा गर्दन झुकाई देख ली

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