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The Bliss Of Solitude

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The entire phenomenal world is the creation of one’s own mind. It has been one’s monstrous enemy for innumerable births. Acting through senses, it tries to entangle one in its clutches forever. The eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin are all its outlets through which it moves out freely and procures its nourishment.

Governing man’s all activities and thus drawing its favourable sustenance thereby, it naturally becomes more powerful day by day. The stronger it becomes, the more submissive the soul becomes. The saints, therefore, exhort that in order to weaken mind’s control over oneself, one must, at least, abstain from the company of the worldlings and live a secluded life where one’s mind and senses may not be able to sustain their nourishment.

When one is cloistered from his dear associates, friends or relatives to lead a life of solitude, it has a great significance towards one’s inner evolution, in a way, for the God’s grace and blessings work out wonders in bringing about nearness towards Him. And when one feels God’s presence within, very near and clear, one never likes to stay amidst worldlings nor talk about futile matters.

In this world, one gets ever busy building the wall of ignorance all around and as this wall goes up into the sky day by day, one loses sight of ones true being in its dark shadow. Even when someone is all alone, there is someone who follows him in the silent dark. He tries to move aside to avoid his presence but he escapes him not because he is his own little self who knows no shame.

When king Gopichand had proceeded to jungle after forsaking his royal prank, his mother had advised him to confine himself within the four walls of the fort. What is that fort? It is the fort of one’s own real self; where the reign of silence prevails; where one feels the blissful presence of ones beloved God, the Life of his life, who makes him filled up with joy, inspiration, reverent thoughts and heavenly bliss. He feels joyous and expresses gratitude to the infinite one, his heavenly friend, for making him feel His vicinity. One cannot have better joy on earth, from earthly things or humans. He alone is bliss, joy, peace and everything.

Solitary moments are the best moments, for during these moments, one can feel His nearness, His loving presence, giving him courage, strength, joy and divinity. One feels His nearness and presence all the more every moment in the moments of silence. When one attains the capacity to feel His loving presence and constant companionship-Divine, one never suffers from loneliness. On the other hand, one enjoys the bliss of solitude and sings in the state of ecstasy.

तेरे जलवों ने मुझे घेर लिया है ऐ दोस्त।
अब तो तन्हाई के लम्हे भी हसीं मालूम होते हैं ।।

Sometimes solitary moments are so solemn and draw us nearer to Him, one’s frail vessel gets empty and filled with fresh life. All that is harsh and dissonant in one’s life melts into one sweet harmony and being thrilled he dances spreading wings like a glad bird on its flight across the sea. One’s false vanity dies and makes his life simple and straight, like a flute of reed for his beloved God to fill with divine love.

During the blessed moments of solitude, one realises that he was so near to his God that the sweetness of this feeling had blossomed in the depth of his own heart. So one must launch out on a wonderful inner journey treading the path of silence; the languid hours should not pass by on the shore.

In the deep shadows of silence, with secret steps, He, the supreme one, walks, silent as night, eluding one’s all darkness. Let not the hours pass by, in the dark. Kindle the lamp of love within.

O’ Thou Holy one! When this illusory world agitate my heart by raising its dirt on all sides, Thou shut me up in a corner in the shadow of silence, break open the door, O Emperor of my heart, and come with all Splendours of an Emperor !

In the moments of silence, one can hear His silent steps. Such is the bliss of solitude – divine and beautiful.

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The Bliss Of Solitude

The entire phenomenal world is the creation of one’s own mind. It has been one’s monstrous enemy for innumerable… Read More