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Deify the Universe

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The sermon of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji is "Deify the universe. See Him everywhere, in everything. If not in everything, see Him in one thing i.e. your own inner self through meditation". When you are connected with the THIRD EYE through meditation, you see Him in the innermost shrine of your true self. Once you attain that stage, you will see Him everywhere, in everything.

At the moment what is happening? We see men, women, trees, brooks, buildings, stones etc. The Real, Unchangeable, Eternal is hidden behind this apparent and ephemeral world. We miss the mark and we do not see Him who is the Real one. The father loves his child for not child's sake but for the self, the shining glory of Almighty - which is hidden in the child. The husband does not love his wife for wife's sake but for the Divine force which is in the wife. We do not love the universe for universe's sake but for the glorious Self which is hidden everywhere. Who would love the dull, dead matter if He is not there? He shining, everything shines. We love this universe all the time because Self is hidden inside but we do it unknowingly and unconsciously. To realize the Self knowingly and consciously through meditation is to deify the universe. It is Self-Realization and renunciation.

Renunciation does not mean renouncing the world physically. It means the deification of the universe. In the process of meditation, mind becomes no-mind. With mind, you see the matter. With no-mind you see the master. With mind, you see the universe but with no-mind you see the self. Thus, with no mind, there is nothing to cling to.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims that no extra effort is needed for the deification of God. Meditation and only meditation will make the world deified. Your beloved will be present everywhere for you when you are immersed in deep meditation- the state of super consciousness.

Once you attain that stage of deification of the universe through regular and continuous meditation, the whole vision changes. This world which seems a mass of misery becomes a blessed dwelling of the Beloved. Everything is His. Everything is self. Pleasures and pains, sun and shade, joy and sorrow, all this dual throng disappears. Only He appears. There is nothing but Bliss. Such is the great blessing of meditation and the deification of God.

Give up the world which you have conjectured because your conjecture was based upon a very partial experience, upon very poor reasoning and upon your own weakness. Give it up. The world we have been thinking of so long, the world we have been clinging to so long is a false world of our own creation. Give that up. Open your eyes and see that, as such it never existed. It was a dream, maya. What existed was the Lord Himself. It is He who is in the wife, in the child and in the husband. It is He who is in the good and in the bad. He is in the sin and in the sinner. He is in life and in death.

A tremendous assertion indeed! Yet that is what we learn from meditation. Though Self is in sinner as well as in sin, in life as well as in death yet He is not affected or involved in them. He is as Observer. He is a Witness. Meditation teaches us to be a Witness, a neutral energy, as Observer.

This world is a painting of the Painter. Who enjoys the picture - the seller or the seer? The seller is busy with his accounts, computing what his gain will be, how much profit he is realize on the picture. That man is enjoying the picture that has gone there without any intention of buying or selling. He looks at the picture and enjoys it. So this whole universe is a picture. When you see Him behind this picture, you enjoy it. This is the deifying of universe.

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