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From Maya to Master

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Maya is terrible. It is everywhere. No question of transcending it, it is unexplainable in ordinary language. It was described as an illusion as a snake in a rope or a mirage as water in sand but snake and water do not exist at all. They seem to exist only due to ignorance but none can deny the existence of life, of this external world. The existence of the external world which seems to be eternal is ephemeral. So we are caught in the meshes of existence and non-existence.

Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji says that the only way is to cross the river of Maya is Self-realization through Meditation. It takes you to the Master away from Maya or ignorance. Clouds of darkness will evaporate eventually. Patience, persistence and perseverance are required. You are to regain your own remembrance, your own true nature which is all bliss. It is not at all difficult to attain that which is all yours.

Once you go in the right direction through meditation, Maya will itself give way to the Master and the Sun will shine. Himalayan miseries won't daunt you from your path of meditation. You will neither seek not avoid. You will accept what may come. Meditation gives you the liberty not to be affected by anything. Do not merely endure - be unattached. Remember the story of a bull. A mosquito sat long on the horn of a bull. Then its conscience troubled it and it said, "Mr. Bull, I have been sitting here for a ling time. Perhaps I have annoyed you. I am sorry. I will go away." But the bull replied - "Oh no, not at all! Bring your whole family and live on my horn. What harm can you alone do to me, so enormously bigger than you?"

So Swami Ji stands surety for Rishis, Rishi Kumars, Sadhvies and devotees that they will go to the Master through meditation. Hordes of mosquitoes of misery won't be able to do any harm to them. In meditation, you are to watch your thoughts and mind wakefully and constantly. You are to be a witness only as you watch the rise and fall of a tide while standing on the bank of a river. You don't get involved. You just watch and watch your thoughts wakefully and persistently. This continuous watchfulness will take you a step in Super-consciousness beyond mind and body. In that state you get inspiration where you transcend Maya.

The sub-conscious state as in animals provides the lower instincts whereas conscious state as in human beings gives intelligent intellect to them to get its limitations and to cross them by inspiration which they get in super-conscious state. Once you attain that, you are in a state of Bliss and you are in full control of yourself and you get rid of this pony "I". You go beyond the senses and beyond reason. The adamantine wall that shuts us in is egotism. We refer everything to ourselves thinking, I do this or that or the other. Until we go within and liberate ourselves from the web of this world knitted by the ego, never can we attain the Bliss, our true Self or Self-Realization. None ever did, none ever will. To ferry across the river of Maya is to go beyond the ego through meditation. To know this ego, Oh, not at all - it is living in the body and yet not of it. This devilish ego must be obliterated.

Swami Ji proclaims that Meditation is the panacea for all ills. You don't have to struggle hard to get rid of Maya or ego or this external world of senses. All this happens of its own accordingly. You don't have to renounce anything. Everything will lose all its attraction, attachment and charm to you.

Swami JI quotes the example that when a child is grown into a young boy, he automatically loses all the charm for his toys which were very dear to him. So all these worldly attraction created by Maya lose their glamour for the seeker of truth who realizes the Master through meditation. So the message or sermon of Swami Ji is :-

"Meditate, meditate, meditate and meditate.
Dive deep within, persist, persevere, and don't hesitate
Be a silent observer of whatsoever it be, otherwise it may deviate
All ego will vanish away as the gloom disappears as the sun rays radiate
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