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What is Meditation?

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(In nut-shell)

1. When thinking does not begin and dozing has not happened, then meditation takes place.

2. Meditation is a deep inner process where there is no thinking and sleeping, but an inner alertness and blissful emptiness.

3. Watch anything in mind and we are cut off. Watching is a sword.

4. The more you think, the more you will fall from the reality. Thinking leads you astray from real. Real does not need thinking. Real needs awareness. That is Meditation.

5. Meditation is awareness, wakefulness, alertness and understanding.

6. Meditation is that we are not to control or concentrate the mind. Any control or concentration results in repression and tension whereas Meditation is relaxation and an effortless effort. We are to watch and watch and watch the mind without making any effort. Watching is not an effort. Effort is something we have to do and watching is not something we have to do because it is our natural capacity.

7. Just close the eyes in a very relaxed manner and embark upon an inward journey towards your Centre (अन्तस). Inner eye (Third eye) starts working and you start watching.

8. Meditation is seeing, observing, watching and witnessing whatever is happening within without any interference or involvement. Meditation is not at all concentration, contemplation and thinking.

9. The aim of Meditation is to make you stress-free and strain-free whereas concentration involves a lot of stress and strain.

10. Silently, peacefully without hurry, without any tension, without any anguish, without any stress or strain, move into your CENTRE instantly. Step into your Self . It is urgent. Unless it is made urgent, it will not happen. Perhaps you may die before it.

11. Make it most urgent. Put it on the top of your Today’s list. Now at the moment it is at the bottom of your list which becomes bigger and bigger and is not finished but you will be finished. You will have no time for Meditation in your life. Meditation will not come to you. So make it most urgent, most important.

12. ध्यान का ध्यान रखना, कभी टूटे न।

13. Do not lament if you do not see any light or image in Meditation. That is not the aim of meditation. Go deep into the perception of Bliss and there you will find the presence of God. Seek not a part but the whole.

14. Our mind is continuously talking. If inner talk drops even for a moment, we have a glimpse of no-mind. That is the state of Meditation. That is the true state. That is your real state.

15. Meditation is no-mind. Mind cannot create Meditation. Meditation is getting out of the mind by witnessing all the stuff that goes through the mind - desires, imaginations, thoughts, dreams, ambitions and all that goes in and around the mind. We become the Witness. We witness our thoughts and we witness our mind. Slowly and slowly this witnessing grows strong, centred and oriented. Suddenly we realise that we are not the mind.

16. We are the Witness, (साक्षी, दृष्टा) neutral energy and not the mind. Mind is outside us as anything else. We witness anything or everything happening within the mind or body. We witness that we are not:-

The Thoughts
The Mind
The Body
The Intellect
The Astral Body




17.  Joy comes, we witness
Sorrow comes, we witness
Happiness comes, we witness
Misery comes, we witness
Health comes, we witness
Sickness comes, we witness.

Whatsoever comes, the Meditator witnesses calmly and peacefully soso that he witnesses DEATH even as he witnesses life. Such is the blessing of Vishvas Meditation.



18.  If witnessing is 60%, mind is 40%
If witnessing is 80%, mind is 20%
If witnessing is 100%, mind disappears.
The road is empty. Nothing appears on the screen of mind. We experience Bliss.


19. Meditation covers a long pilgrimage. Witnessing is the beginning and no-mind is the completion of the pilgrimage. Witnessing is the method to reach no-mind. Witnessing can be called the seed and enlightenment can be called the flower but we are to start with witnessing. The seed becomes alive. It grows. We are to care for it, we are to nourish it, we are to water it and we are to strengthen it. One day it will blossom and flowers will come up. That day will be the blessed day of our life.

20. Meditation is the greatest bestowal of the Perfect Master and His grace. It is not a commodity of the market that can be bargained. It is something that is shared totally free.

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