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Vishvas Meditation Session at EXL Services, Noida

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A Vishvas Meditation Session was conducted for EXL Service, a US based company providing solutions on operation management, outsourcing, business transformation and IT services globally. The session was conducted on 6th May 2016 at their Noida facility for the Analytics division, and was attended by the employees and management. Among those attending the session were Ms. Emmy Gilbert and Mr. Shankha Roy, Managers, Business HR. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of the session as suggested by the feedback.


I on behalf of EXL Analytics would like to take this opportunity to thank Vishvas Foundation for the wonderful session delivered on spreading the message about the free gift of Meditation.

Appreciate your effort and time for making us understand the power of Meditation and enlighten us to realize that Meditation is the power to overcome all our stress in our hectic work schedule and empower our mind, heart and thoughts.

We have received great feedbacks from our employees post the Vishvas Meditation session and just to let you know they have started practicing Meditation at home and in workplace as well.

The Vishvas Meditation session has really helped our employees and this adds to our engagement with them where they feel part of one family because as organization our focus is on their overall development.

Thank you once again for your time and wish you all the best for spreading the message of Meditation to many more. Look forward for another Vishvas Meditation session with the employees based out in our other offices.

Emmy Anita Gilbert
Manager – Business HR
EXL Services

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