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6 day Vishvas Meditation Session at Teerthankar Mahaveer University ( TMU), Moradabad

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A 6 day Vishvas Meditation Programme was held at Teerthankar Mahaveer University (TMU) in Moradabad, from 18th to 23rd April’16, for their Engineering College. The sessions were attended by the university teachers, staff and hundreds of students from various branches of engineering, such as Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Agriculture etc. The sessions had a tremendous impact on the participants as suggested by their feedbacks:

Feedback 1:- Juhi Rani (B.Tech., Computer Science Engineering)

Log aate hai, chale jaate hai, humei kyu ghabraana;

Meditation ke saath, bass humei aage barte jaana;

A fantastic meditation retreat! A true life skill! Just at the fourth day of the six days Vishvas Meditation programme in our college campus, I started experiencing that all my problems, questions and dilemmas had begun to evaporate, and I started feeling so clear and light inside. Before attending the programme, I was feeling tired, exhausted and upset with all my mental worries weighing me down. The 6 day Vishvas Meditation programme had not even ended yet, and I was already feeling like a free bird! Now I’m so high on energy and positivity with this meditation process, it is an awesome feeling! A heartfelt thanks to Vishvas Foundation for taking out time for us, and to our University for allowing the students to enjoy the benefits of such an amazing meditation process. Vishvas Meditation sessions have very effectively dissolved all my problems that my mind had been so busy imagining all this while. I do not feel the need to sit and have endless discussions with my friends about my problems, doubts and fears any more. I have found a very powerful tool in Vishvas Meditation. Also, I would like to add that if anyone says that meditation is rubbish or not needed, they must try out Vishvas Meditation. I am saying this from my own experience as I had also thought the same, but after attending the session, I felt so good, rejuvenated and joyful that I strongly recommend it to all.

Vishvas Meditation is such a practical formula on how to live life hassle free - without stress, fear, doubts and unnecessary imaginations. It is truly a confidence booster and much more! We would like this session by Vishvas Foundation to be repeated again and again in our University as this meditation process is very powerful and effective, highly instrumental in enhancing the mental faculties of the students. We are very grateful that Vishvas Foundation is conducting such an activity for such a good and noble cause, providing freedom to the students from all negativities of the mind. If everyone does this meditation regularly, there will be no existence of social evils, domestic discords, family quarrels, jealousies, ego clashes, physical violence or abuse. Vishvas Foundation is doing a great, life-changing human service. This meditation process is the best source of self-development.

Feedback 2:-Priy Ranjan Verma (B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering)

Vishvas Meditation is a super power which no amount of words can do justice to. Ever since the last Vishvas Meditation Retreat held in our college a few months back, I have been meditating regularly. Vishvas Meditation has the power to turn complex life into easy, simple, constructive and very creative. Earlier, I used to keep thinking of something or the other uselessly, but with regular meditation practice, I have started feeling strong, calm and very balanced inside. Vishvas Meditation provides great inner strength, helping us rise, shine and evolve. It is because of Vishvas Meditation, I have topped B.Tech.( Mechanical Engineering) all over the 2nd Year. It is increasing our will power, decision making power, concentration power, right thinking, learning skills, memory, and ability to think and communicate immensely. Above all, it has raised so much awareness within, that I have begun to realize that human mind loves wasting time doing gossips, useless chatter and all things non-creative. Within just two to three days of these sessions in our engineering college, I had started feeling such clarity that I began to realize all the mistakes I had done and how to correct and improve my quality of life. This meditation process is very effective in keeping us focused, positive and balanced, and is very helpful in attaining our dreams and goals easily. We are extremely thankful to Vishvas Foundation for giving us such a strong tool that is helping us overcome all the politics and games that our mind tries to play. The mind can no more trick us, for we are growing more and more wiser with Vishvas Meditation. I am beginning to experience a much better and a nourished life. Vishvas Meditation is a great awakening.

I have even advised my family to do this meditation based on my first-hand experience, and at present my mother is also practicing it. Even she is very happy with the results and free of stress now.

Feedback 3:- Rishabh Jain Aksh (B.Tech., Civil Engineering)

Vishvas Meditation has a two- fold effect on me. It works as Glucose and Grease both for the mind-body.

Grease - If you buy a metallic object, applying grease sustains its quality. Although, I have always had a sharp mind, but to sustain and upgrade my mental abilities, this Meditation has been proving very useful.

Glucose – It gives instant energy. Similarly, Vishvas Meditation is dissolving all stress, anxieties and unnecessary thinking, refilling me with renewed energy.

There is a drastic difference between our world 15 min before meditation and 15 min after meditation. Vishvas Meditation is eliminating all my stress, tensions and repressed memories, multiplying my mental abilities and qualities by manifolds. It is amazing how it has taught us to deal with our mind, our thoughts – good, bad, ugly!

This is such a useful meditation process, as it helped us dissolve all negative and distracting thoughts in just one session – so effortlessly. We the students, would always be indebted to Vishvas Foundation for bringing to the students such a life- elevating meditation process.

Feedback 4:- Kushagra Kaushik (B.Tech., Electronics & Communication)

I have only one word for the session, it was ‘Awesome’! I am seriously looking forward to the next Vishvas Meditation Camp in our University. I am simply short of words to describe how I felt. It is just ‘Made for Me’ session. Earlier, I used to have constant headaches. Even during sleep, my mind was never fully at rest. There would be thoughts lurking within. I used to have sleepless nights. However, after attending the Vishvas Meditation sessions in our University, I can so confidently say that it is the best medicine for the mind –body. It did wonders for me. Before the meditation session began, I was in so much stress and was thinking of my personal problem, due to which I was exhausted and having severe headache. But as the Vishvas Meditation session started and progressed, I started feeling so relaxed and light. In a few moments, my headache was completely gone. It just felt like magic! Upon the completion of the meditation retreat, Vishvas Foundation handed us over Vishvas Meditation CDs absolutely free of cost. I started playing those meditation CDs and just after 15-20 min of meditation at night, I started slipping into peaceful sleep. Today, I am enjoying a very sound sleep. Infact, after I have begun practicing Vishvas Meditation, my headaches have completely disappeared! I feel very good in meditation. Vishvas Meditation is an instant source of energy and good health. Now I wake up very fresh, energized and rejuvenated in the mornings. Moreover, it has transformed my behavior, my outlook and handling of situations tremendously. I have started living much happier. Now, I begin each day as a new opportunity, with huge confidence and positivity. I am also now able to concentrate much better. Vishvas Meditation sessions should be conducted in every University. It targets and dissolves every hurdle in our mind so naturally. It is so effective in clearing the mind of all thoughts unnecessary, unreasonable and negative. I am practicing meditation daily now. Vishvas Meditation removes all fatigue from the mind and body and refills us with energy for days. It feels as if we are surrounded by nature, or sitting in a hilly place with a smooth flow of fresh air all around us. This meditation process is a very feel good process. We wish to have repeated sessions in our University.

Feedback 5:- Prachi Mishra (B.Tech., Computer Science Engineering)


In this fast paced modern world, even in our student life, we experience so many emotional problems and turmoil, whether they are relationship problems or stress about studies. I have attended the meditation sessions for the second time in our college, and it has been a phenomenal experience. Practicing Vishvas Meditation has increased my will power and the capability to overcome my anger, reactions and depression.

I am a very emotional person and would often lose temper, over react to situations or slip into major depression. I had been feeling very disappointed for the last one or two years, because of my bad experiences. When I attended the very first Vishvas Meditation session in the engineering college, I found it so very effective. Then, in just 2-3 days of Vishvas Meditation sessions in college, I felt so much better that I had not felt in all these years. This meditation process deals so accurately and precisely with problems and distractions that the human mind generates. It is very helpful in dealing with problems like anger, reactions and too much emotional attachment to people and things that can be degrading. I am practicing Vishvas Meditation daily now, as it is a very effective tool to gaining self – discipline. Now I do not think so much about my past. My past always used to depress me, but now I do not go with the thoughts, I ignore them. It is not like i do not think now, I think but only those thoughts that are useful for me. Vishvas Meditation is a very pleasant process that develops immense peace, stability and relaxation inside. I am beginning to realize the difference between loneliness and solitude. Vishvas Meditation provides you a lot of solitude from thoughts within, where you begin to see yourself more clearly. I feel so much serenity and balance within now. Earlier I used to be drained out of energy at the end of the day, but now with daily meditation, I am feeling very strong, healthy, energetic and happy from within. Now I am feeling so much restfulness within. I am not excited in joy and not low in pain, as I used to be earlier. This balance is remarkable and it is only due to this meditation process. Thank you Vishvas Foundation for giving us such an amazing formula. It is super effective! I am practicing this meditation process daily now. It’s truly a divine experience. I am beginning to feel balanced in my decisions and very cool minded. Vishvas Meditation is indeed the key to success and shining health! It has taught us the skill of Mind Management – the greatest skill in the world that lays the foundation of all success and achievements.

Feedback 6:- Malav Jain (B.Tech., Agriculture Engineering)

This was the second time I was attending the Vishvas Meditation sessions in our University. Felt reinforced and motivated to inspire others for adopting meditation as a ‘life support system’ I want to thank Vishvas Foundation from the core of my heart. The benefits of Vishvas Meditation are tremendous and endless. Looking forward to and excited about reaching the extreme level of meditation.

Feedback 7:- Pushpendra Singh (B. Tech., Cloud Technology)

'Tamaam din ki thakawat se mukti mil gyi Vishvas Meditation se!’

During the session, I felt so highly energized, the entire stress and tensions of the day got washed away, as if recharging my mind and body completely. In simple words:

'Mazaa aa gya Meditation karke!’

I had also attended the Vishvas Meditation sessions conducted previously in our University and I must say that we feel so charged up when we meditate. Just as we feel charged up after drinking alcohol, Vishvas Meditation makes us feel equally charged up, rather more! This meditation process is so different from every other activity we do. It fills us up with new joy, energy and vigor in no time ! Thank you Vishvas Foundation for working towards the students’ physical and emotional wellness, and giving us such a fabulous gift. It is such a nice feeling to practice this meditation. Vishvas Meditation brings me to a state that is heavenly. I feel so elated within, when I sit in meditation. This meditation process can actually increase one’s life span by 10-15 years if practiced sincerely. It dispels all the negativities and tiredness that one has accumulated in life, with absolute ease!

Feedback 8:-Abhishek Chauhan (B.Tech., Electronics & Communication)

Vishvas Meditation really works wonders. It should be included in the daily routine of everyone. I have been practicing it daily. Earlier, studies used to give me a lot of stress and anxiety. I had a problem that at the time of exams, viva or any crucial event, my heartbeat became faster, causing discomfort, panic and anxiety. But now after I have started practicing Vishvas Meditation, I am feeling very restful and my heartbeat is in control. This meditation is my wonder drug! It is the super doze of every inner problem- physical or mental. It makes you feel very good, tension free, secure and fit inside. Vishvas Meditation process has developed stability in me. It is almost miraculously turning my entire focus on me. Earlier I lacked consistency. I could not stick to any one goal or aim for long. However, now because of regular meditation, I am seeing amazing growth in my personality. I am feeling freed of all distractions and have started working on my own goals. Vishvas Foundation’s effort in sharing meditation totally free of cost with the world, without any expectations, is truly appreciable !!!

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