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Vishvas Meditation at Richmondd Global School, Delhi

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Vishvas Meditation session was conducted at Richmondd Global School in Paschim Vihar, Delhi on 30th May 2016, at the invitation of Mr. Rishabh Gupta, the CEO. The session was conducted for the school management, teachers and staff. The session benefitted the participants immensely, as suggested by the feedbacks.

Feedback 1

On behalf of the school, I would like to thank Vishvas Foundation for enlightening the staff members and telling us how to be happy and content. We truly enjoyed the Vishvas Meditation session and it is indeed going to make one and all happy in their lives. Looking forward to more such sessions both for students and teachers, in future as well.

Sudha Rampal

Feedback 2

Seriously it was phenomenal, the day we experienced the Vishvas Meditation session by Vishvas Foundation in our school. No amount of words can do justice to how we felt that day.

Before this session, I always thought that meditation was a wastage of time. I had dabbled with various forms and techniques of meditation earlier, but they failed to give me the bliss and balance my family and I were looking for.

The day the Vishvas Meditation session was conducted in school, at the start I was a bit hesitant to participate. Being a Christian, I was feeling skeptical that it might interfere with my faith and beliefs. However, to my pleasant surprise, the Vishvas Meditation process turned out to be so natural, so very secular and scientific in nature, that in the very first sitting we felt so light, energetic, joyful and positive.

I recorded the session in my phone for my family to experience this meditation process as well. Now, after taking up Vishvas Meditation, the benefits my family and I are experiencing are unbelievable! The huge transformation and inner balance we have gained in such a short span, is beyond imagination!

Today, I can so clearly say that Vishvas Meditation is the best recipe in the world to change LIFE!

Highly grateful to Vishvas Foundation for its efforts and selfless service to mankind.

Thanks & Regards,
Sanjeev Enos Masih
Western Music Teacher

Feedback 3

The Vishvas Meditation session was awesome! Power of thoughts and how to deal with them was explained. I felt very relaxed and fresh. I am highly impressed with this meditation process and the motivation it generates.

Anureet Kaur
Child Psychologist/ Student Counselor

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