Vishvas Lok

A Quarterly Magazine on Vishvas Meditation

Vishvas Lok is a spiritual magazine which is exclusively devoted to meditation as propagated by GURUDEV SHRI SWAMI VISHVAS JI, the Founder and Head of Vishvas Foundation, Dagshai (HP). This is the most attractive pictorial magazine consisting of exhortations of Swami Vishvas Ji in the form of spiritual articles, poems, experiences, bhajans, quotations, questions- answers and various activities items etc...., on Vishvas Meditation, personal life, and art of living, religion, and spirituality etc., both in English & Hindi. Swami Ji's exhortations replete with His own real experiences are cherished as real treasures by thousands of aspirants all over the world. These are not mere intellectual wrangles, but are the living guides, taking the aspirant by the hand to lead him on in his journey towards the goal- Self- Realization. These have a direct personal appeal and the finger is put right on the problem that perplexes any seeker's mind, to resolve it with a sagacious solution. These exhortations have a power to inspire and transform a person. The articles in this magazine will benefit millions of seekers sincerely trying to tread on this path. The great lessons through the exhortations clearly show how the doubts are removed one by one and how the obstacles on the spiritual path are overcome. The seekers of truth will be benefited by these exhortations in their daily meditation. If one delves deep into these exhortations, he will definitely be able to unfold the secrets of the unknown- The Almighty.

This magazine also depicts about the current list of Cassettes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and MP3 of Bhajans & the discourses rendered forth by Gurudev Shri Ji in the Vishvas Meditation Retreats brought out by Vishvas Sangeet . It also makes aware the general people about the human service activities undertaken by the Vishvas Foundation all over the country. The pictorial description of the Vishvas Meditation Retreats held at different places is a special feature of the magazine. The poster and Swamiji's other photographs adds divine beauty to the magazine and gives vibrations of meditation to the readers.Each issue of the magazine contains the subscription form which can be duly filled in by the readers and sent at the address mentioned therein along with the annual subscription amount.

Download issues of Vishvas Lok in PDF format.