Vishvas Relief Missions

Vishvas Foundation has always helped people who have suffered due to calamities like famine, floods and earthquakes etc. At the time of the crisis, Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji has personally visited the affected areas accompanied by hundreds of devoted disciples or volunteers so that help could be provided personally to each accident victim. At the hour of crisis, Vishvas Foundation has always had only one mission in mind- a heart felt desire to uplift the shattered civilization, giving solution and guidance to the baffled minds.

At the time of Uttarkashi earthquake, blankets, warm clothes, ration and utensils worth Rs.5 lacs were distributed free among the earthquake victims. In addition, Rs. 1 lac was distributed in cash for the repair of houses. Due to various famines in Rajasthan, lot of people migrated to Hisar and they were provided free food, clothes, ration and other necessary help. At the time of Chirgaon floods in H.P., help of Rs. 2.5 lacs in cash and kind was provided to the H.P. Govt. for the help of affected victims. Similarly help was provided at the time of Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

Amongst other calamities, at the time of the Gujarat earthquake tragedy in 2001, a team of doctors and nurses along with the ambulances were engaged in providing curative healing to the injured. Moreover, Vishvas Foundation sent 25 trucks loaded with relief material from all its branches including blankets, woolens, beds, tents, canvases, carpets and ration-eatables. Vishvas Foundation further resolved to adopt the education of a 1000 affected children for the entire period of their study under the Vishvas Foster Parents Scheme.

Citing the most recent calamity, the tragic Tsunami that hit Tamil Nadu in 2005, food items, clothes, mats, utensils, pressure cookers, stoves and fertilizers worth Rs. 25 lacs were distributed among the affected. Furthermore, Vishvas Foundation took up the responsibility to set up one of the remotest villages that was completely devastated and had received meagre relief aid, by providing help in every form, financial and otherwise. Apart from taking care of the material needs of the victims of such devastating natural calamities, Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji even conducted satsangs which provided great emotional and moral support to the distraught at the hour when they needed it most.