Walk while you meditate

Vishvas meditation makes your walking a beautiful and peaceful experience. Here's how: Vishvas meditation in walking is a process of 'walking mindfully'. In this, we should always be in the moment and experience our walking with full awareness, paying full attention to mind-body movements. If the mind races, we should not follow it. Simply watch your mind, your thoughts, without letting them involve you. Similarly, be aware of the physical movements. If your awareness strays with your mind, bring it back to your surroundings. Observe how your body, breathing, the air, feels. Every mindful step taken in meditation with greater self-awareness, fades stressful thoughts of the past and future, bringing you into the 'now'. Swami Vishvas Ji says, "As we begin to discover the joy of walking in the 'present', we start developing the qualities of nature itself, such as peace, softness, calmness, gentleness, humility, gratitude and clarity. Walking meditation enhances the vibrations under our feet, spreading these positive energies over the earth, that not only refreshes our mindbody but transforms our surroundings too. Remember, we are our true destination. If we walk on life's journey mindfully, we will know definitely and exactly what path we are on. " You may begin with walking in the 'now' for 15 minutes and gradually increase it to an hour daily. Walking alone is better as walking in a group may distract. But walking in a group can be wonderful if everyone chooses to retain their individual meditative states. This meditation should be for the sake of walking and not to 'get anywhere'. Even if you have a destination, do not let it concern you, so that only walking remains!