Root of the problem


Swami Vishvas Ji explains a strange phenomena, instinctively tagged with every human being: " We are always at unrest- either physically or mentally. How pitiful it is that we are unconscious of this continuous process. We are always taxing ourselves for self relief, comforts and safety, but wastefully in total ignorance. When we indulge in any act unconsciously, it is only instinctive and animal like. What we require is to understand our problem and feel concerned about it, pondering on what is good for us and how best we can tackle it, and that can be achieved very easily through Meditation. If we have to have a subject, why not go ahead consciously and scientifically. Just roaming wildly in ignorance leads us nowhere. Thus, we need a scientific and well guided approach which is the actual Meditation." As for example, suppose we feel like scratching our skin, time and again, some relief or pleasure will be felt there, but if we go on scratching instinctively like an animal, does it solve the problem? Will the itching end? It may rather end up in an eczema. Similarly, if we are unable to tackle a problem, we get depressed, we might run to a liquor shop, but will it solve the problem? No, not at all. Rather, it will lead to suppression and suppression is a sin! Definitely some other scientific approach is required. What is the source of discomfort? Who creates it? Who feels it? Can we have a permanent remedy for it? Acquiring this scientific knowledge and experiencing the state of bliss is the result of Meditation. Meditation is the process that flags off our inward journey so that we start getting answers to the cosmic secrets of ourselves and lead a successful, beautiful and tension-free life! In our next series, we will discuss how the process of Vishvas Meditation helps in achieving good health.