Cleanse your mind

In order to understand how meditation works, we must first understand how the mind works. Swami Vishvas Ji explains, "Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. You see how cleverly it performs tricks and acts as a master of your reality, constantly diverting you into another moment, another thought, another reaction and so on. There's not even a single moment when you are not doing anything - physically or mentally. For years, the mind has carried on a haphazard reign over our experiences and emotions, continually replacing happiness with stress, satisfaction with anxiety. It can never stay in the present moment, never be content with what is here. Yet, you are not the mind. You are the master, infinitely beyond the mind's limitations. The mind, the thoughts do not have any energy of their own. They work in your energy. You are the sun shining inside. Having said that, still the mind seems to govern us! Why? Because, in a day myriad thoughts cross our minds. Our mind requires regular cleansing that we hardly bother about. Meditation is the cleansing of the mind. As you sit in meditation, simply witnessing the mind's play - no involvement, no identification, no suppression, no concentration - you start withdrawing your energy from the mind. All unnecessary thoughts begin to dissolve and you start regaining your awareness, awakening and mastership over the mind. Now, the same energy that was earlier getting used up by the mind, begins to flow freely up the spine. It happens automatically in meditation. This upward flow of energy, creates chemical and hormonal balance in the body. As a result, you begin to feel healthier, happier and more balanced. All negative emotions such as anger, irritability, moodiness, depression, feelings of loneliness and isolation, begin to diminish. Meditation is a process that makes you more familiar with the working of your mind and body, enabling you to take decisions that are more apt to bring you in touch with the way things work for you in this world, and that means you live your life more intelligently."