In our actions so sweet
In our thoughts so sweet
In our precepts so sweet
The Lord reflected is sweet

A few rare chosen people of the Lord Almighty are full of divine merits, like kindness, loving nature and generosity etc. The saints' hearts are naturally so tender that they melt at the sight of the agony of others out of love for them. They are like silent sacrificing sweet scented flowers giving joy of scent, beauty to one and all. Under the direction of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji , the Fountain Head of Beneficence, the Vishvas foundation provides a multitude of free human services to the people. Sacrifice, service & love-all is the dictum of spirituality which underlies all services rendered by the Vishvas Foundation. These services are aimed at benefiting the needy people of society, keeping in view their uplift and welfare. Though they are provided indiscriminately to everyone, but those who are in need are the privileged ones. Selfless services towards the mankind cause sweetness everywhere, emitting love and peace. By sharing sorrows of others as far as possible, one attains happiness perennial. Performance of service selflessly results in true happiness certainly. The more we are of utility to others forgetting our own comforts, the better evolved we are. Man's best monument is not a thing of stone, but consists in living deeds and in memory which survives in the minds of those served.

Vishvas Foundation services two areas: Human Service and Self-Realization. It is a unique organization that is concerned with both the extrovert and introvert development of a person through Vishvas Meditation coupled with selfless-services. In addition to Vishvas Education Board which includes the Vishvas Vidya Mandirs ( Free schools for poor children ), Vishvas Public Schools, Vishvas Colleges and Vishvas Bal Ashrams ( Orphan Homes ), Vishvas Foundation supports a multitude of noble human services. Over 50 Vishvas Meditation Centres are located in India and Abroad, providing meditation and tenets of spirituality to all people irrespective of caste, creed & religion. There are also Free Homes for the elderly people, Free Computer Centres, Free Ayurvedic Dispensaries, Free Sewing Centres created to uplift poor and needy women and make them financially self-reliant. Women's' Workforce Development Centres are also available for the welfare of the women community. Furthermore, the Medical Foundations, Eye Foundations, Hospitals, Ayurvedic Dispensaries and Homeopathic Dispensaries are organizing large scale Eye camps, Medical camps, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment camps to provide free health care services to those with no means on a regular basis. Other human services include many noble activities like physical and spiritual relief in times of natural calamities, girls' marriages, scholarships to poor but meritorious students under Vishvas Scholarship Scheme, free food Bhandaras for spiritual pilgrims and for common people in hospitals and many other services are arranged free for those who are in need of it.