Meditate to beat stress

Paradoxically, it is the mind that both creates stress and is affected by it. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress, focus your awareness on how the body reacts. Do not try to meddle with anything. Simply observe. Does your heart beat fast? Have you lost interest in work? Have you lost your appetite? Do you have butterflies in your stomach? Is your mind racing fast? These are natural responses of the body to stress! Vishvas meditation is highly effective in minimising these responses so that they don't lead to chronic illnesses.

Here are some effective ways to counter stress:

Turn your attention completely to the cause of stress. Consider how you could modify your thinking about the event. Consider what happens when you let the mind run wild? Does it lead to any solution? If the answer is no, do a quick version of Vishvas meditation - this will put your life in perspective, make your priorities clear and stop the incessant chatter in your brain. Vishvas meditation is a process of becoming a witness to the inner phenomena where thoughts gradually stop overpowering you. It develops immunity against stress, restoring the body to its normal operating conditions. For a quick reduction in stress, increase the length of meditation. Expand your awareness day by day. It will give more balance and harmony to your life and you will become more sensitive and self-awake.

As Swami Vishvas Ji says,

"Meditation does not improve your soul. Your inner self is already pure and perfect.
What you are improving is your ability and prudence to recognise that perfect soul which is sometimes difficult to see, buried under physical and emotional layers, but it is there and has great potential. When you realise it, manifest it, and then it will flow out of you and spread around you. Then, you are truly free from all bondage, negativities and identifications."