What is Meditation

Vishvas Meditation is the natural, original and simplest form of meditation, very secular in nature. It is the easiest form, beyond all self efforts. Also known as insight meditation, Vishvas Meditation is a popular form of mindfulness that any person can know easily. It is a process, a fairly easy one. It is not a theology. Anyone can follow it easily; it is quite a natural process of insight.

Swami Vishvas Ji states, "Meditation has no technique, no method. All the techniques and methods are for concentration, not meditation. We all have been blessed with the ‘third eye' equally, to look within directly - we do not require any technique or method to enter within." 

You do not have to do anything in natural meditation. Instead, simply watch the doings of the mind.

Watching is not a practice. To watch is our true nature. Watching is a natural process that does not require any effort, technique or method. When this natural process of watching turns inwards, towards our inner world - it is called ‘meditation'.

Just as we have the outer two eyes to look at the outer world, similarly when we close our outer eyes - 80% of our energy is accumulated within, and we automatically start witnessing inside. Whether we find darkness, emptiness, thoughts or emotions within, it is all being witnessed by the ‘third eye' or inner eye.

The Process

Simply close your eyes and look within. There is total darkness prevailing inside. Do not be afraid of this darkness. This has been your own accumulation since many births. You just keep experiencing it. In this darkness, the magic of the mind usually starts. Mounds of thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions, illusions, expectations, ego, anxieties, reactions, conversations, ambitions, memories, etc. will be displayed by the mind's computer. The material of the mind is like an unedited videotape.

Meditation is a direct approach to the mind - where you watch your mind directly as a seer, a witness, an observer, as a neutral energy. The most important key to remember is that Vishvas Meditation does not involve concentrating on one point of focus, like a mantra, a form, the breath, candle or any black point on the forehead. It is simple awareness, watching your mind, your thoughts within, and noticing everything you feel, letting your mind drift freely around towards whatever catches your attention, your consciousness - but without becoming emotionally attached or involved with it.

Swami Vishvas Ji explains, "Open your awareness as an observer, what do you feel, listen, look, smell? Do not attempt to concentrate on any one thing. Simply let your mind go where it will, not to judge what is good or what is bad, just observe. Do not become emotionally attached or involved with anything you watch or observe, just watch. Do not dive into the thoughts and any playing of mind, do not dive in the past or in the future, just watch the thoughts, the traffic of thoughts like a bystander, a seer. Do not identify with them. Follow your own awareness only. Practice this Meditation each day and soon you will see your feelings and thoughts as small parts of your conscious, but not you. They will be of some interest, but they will not control you. You will now control, not they."  

Remember, the mind, the thoughts have no energy of their own. They work in your energy. You are the Sun shining inside. The moment you retreat from the mind's play and watch it as a bystander, a neutral energy, instead of struggling, suppressing, condemning, interfering, concentrating, involving or judging mind's activities- this simple process dissolves all unnecessary thoughts, freeing you from all dualities and negativities of the mind such as stress, tensions, anger, ego, reactions, fear, anxiety, depression etc., and brings you into the ‘present', which is full of bliss, balance, clarity, positivity, right thinking, peace, relaxation, joy, energy and shining good health.

Vishvas Meditation integrates the scattered mind, helping you regain your mastership over the mind in a natural way. It is an inner technology that works on it own, transforming the mind automatically. You do not have to do anything to enact this transformation.