Vishvas Free Sewing Training Centers

In order to make the poor girls/women financially self-reliant, scores of free sewing centres are being run in various parts of north India . Along with free training, the participants are provided cloth, thread, and a kit comprising of a pair of scissors, measuring tape, foot rule, note-book, bag cloth and other relevant material free of cost. After completion of training, free sewing machines are distributed among each one of them so as to help them in earning their livelihood and lead a respectable life in society.

List of Vishvas Free Sewing Training Centre:-

  1. Vishvas Sewing Training Centre, Devi Nagar, Sector-3, Panchkula
  2. Vishvas Sewing Training Centre, Manimajara (U.T.)
  3. Vishvas Sewing Training Centre, Bathinda
  4. Vishvas Sewing Training Centre, Bhucho, Distt. Bathinda
  5. Vishvas Sewing Training Centre, Dabwali, Distt. Sirsa

Poor Girls Marriages

Marriage is a very costly affair in Indian society; therefore the Vishvas Foundation provides help in the marriage of poor girls in both cash and kind. Help for the marriage of poor girls is also being provided in the shape of cash, utensils grocery etc. Free sewing machines are also provided.

Vishvas Scholarship Scheme

The aim of this scheme is to provide education to the needy but the meritorious students. The foundation bears all the expenses of their education. Under this plan, the scholarships are also provided to the needy students to complete their education. Hundreds of students are benefited by such scholarships and have obtained admission in Engineering, Textile designing and Medical sciences.

With the Blessing and Guidance of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji, the Vishvas Foundation has started a unique scheme for educating brilliant but very needy students whose parents/guardians can provide for them materially but not educationally. Under this scheme, the students are adopted for their education only. All expenses of their education for the entire period of their study are paid for by the Vishvas Foundation. Ordinarily these scholarships run at a monthly rate of Rs.50-100/- for Grade and High-School students, Rs.200/- for College students and Rs.300-500/- for students of Universities or Professional Colleges . Many students have shown exceptional ability, and have gone on to receive degrees from prestigious Medical, Engineering, Textile Schools and more. Thousands of students have been taken in under the Vishvas Scholarship Scheme.

Free Blankets & Clothes Distribution

Free blankets are distributed during winters to the destitute & the homeless. Predates special programs are organized to ensure that blankets reach to a wider section of the poor & needy.

Community Kitchen (Free Bhandara)

Adding a new chapter in the sphere of human service, Vishvas Foundation has started yet another free service at the door of mankind. Free lunch is being served daily to the patients and their attendants on the request of hospital authorities of General Hospital , Sector-6, Panchkula. This noble service has been introduced for the first time in the history of hospitals.