meditation-in-21st-centuryMeditation is a process of inner growth and understanding that prepares you to face life in the current century.

The current century is symbolic of an industrial revolution - state of the art technologies, machineries, computers etc.

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meditation-at-workYou cannot exercise at work, but you can certainly meditate to overcome the stress that arises due to work pressure. Meditation builds tremendous clarity, helping you take decisions, with much more ease.

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walking-meditationIf you don't find the sitting posture appealing enough and like movement, walking meditation is a powerful alternative.

Walking meditation is probably as old as the first time we ever walked on our own, when we were naturally in the 'present'. On growing up too, we at times get our best ideas while walking!

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relax-your-bodyRelaxation is the first step to a healthy life which can be achieved through Vishvas Meditation. A relaxed state makes you feel better about yourself and your life.

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chairA few steps of chair meditation will make Vishvas meditation more accessible to you at home, work, college, or even at your kitchen. A quick session at lunch break can work wonders.

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