Chair Meditation

Meditation in sitting posture may not be possible everywhere, as in school or at work, but that does not mean you would deny yourself its benefits. It makes work more enjoyable and enhances performance, if you devote a few minutes to Vishvas Meditation during short breaks. For this, chair meditation is ideal. Use a chair with a firm seat for support as proper posture is essential. Sit up straight comfortably. If your chair has a reclining back, sit a little away from it. Keep feet flat on the floor and hands on the knees in any comfortable mudra. Lift chest up and relax shoulders. Also, do not bother about external distractions that cannot be controlled. Now, follow the process of Vishvas Meditation. On closing your eyes, you may meet your worries, wishes, wonders, the who's and why's of the mental world - a busy and noisy world that cannot be suppressed or ignored. Therefore, do not struggle with it, do not fight it, do not change or control it, instead simply watch the thoughts that come and go, without identifying with them. This simple process dissolves all unnecessary thoughts, freeing you of the world of illusions and unreasonable expectations, and developing an unshakeable peace that external circumstances cannot disturb. Swami Vishvas Ji says, "The outer material world has tremendous utility as it can provide the greatest comforts and facilities that are not to be condemned. Simply using it and not trying to own something that can be lost any moment is the ultimate secret to happiness." Nonattachment with the temporary is the ultimate result of meditation as it brings you into the 'present', making you understand the passing show of the material world, both personal and professional. This process is like coming back to your real home after a hectic vacation. You open the door, kick your shoes, sink into your favorite chair, close your eyes and know you are home at last!