How to Meditate

To perform Vishvas Meditation, sit straight in a healthy, comfortable posture. Close your outer eyes and make awareness flow inside. The moment you close your outer eyes, 80% of the energy starts accumulating within and your third eye, which is the powerhouse of all energy, begins to witness inside. Keep looking whatever is rising from the surface of the mind. Don't use any imagination of your own. Don't get indulged in anything. Don't identify yourself with any thought. Just simply look at whatever is being displayed by the mind's computer.

Whatever your state of mind is, you simply watch. If there is total darkness or nothingness or the traffic of thoughts, you just keep experiencing all this. Don't impose any pressure or strength when you look inwards. Do not involve yourself with the thoughts. Do not relive the past. Do not create the future. Live in the present. As long as the mind is your master, it will never allow you to live in the present moment. For it has no existence there; it lives only in the past and the future. And as these are ultimately unreal, so is the mind. The only real existence is in the present. You are in the search of your True Self, who is neither the mind nor the body nor the senses, but above all of these. You are the Seer, the Witness. Simply remember this golden rule, the ultimate truth as you sit in meditation.

Mind is the scope of world. Mounds of thoughts arise from the surface of the mind. The world of good and bad thoughts hovers around the mind. When you turn inside, you simply watch like a neutral energy. Do not participate or involve in any thought- positive or negative. Do not choose or prefer any thought. Do not judge or analyze any thought- however good or bad. Do not suppress or condemn any thought. Do not attach, bend or mend your mind. Do not punish your mind or try to stop it. In other words, do not indulge in any activity. All these efforts will cause stress and create tension. The more you try to persuade your mind, the more it will revolt. Instead, simply watch the mind's activities. Do not disturb or interfere with the mind's traffic. Do not develop any identification with it. Never try to achieve concentration while meditating. It is going to happen by itself. Over the years, meditation has been considered a technique of concentration by the majority of people. Vishvas Meditation is not a process of concentration. You do not have to get fixated or focused at any particular point. All the techniques of concentration are unnecessary in Vishvas Meditation. You do not need a medium to step inside. If you try to concentrate, you are again making your mind do something. Vishvas Meditation is a state of non-doing where there is total rest, where there is no mind. It is the source of concentration. The flame of concentration is illuminated within by itself. When you close the outer eyes, 80% of the energy that was flowing outside begins to accumulate inside. This energy will then, eventually bring all your awareness to the third eye- the inner eye. Keep watching whatever is going on inside- from a distance. Keeping a little away from the mind, become a true witness of the mind. The mind does not have any energy of its own. In your power, in your energy, it works. You are like a sun-shining inside. It is your nature to live by watching and witnessing. When you see the thoughts with the inner eye, all thoughts diminish forever. For, the power of the mind is detracted from each thought and you reclaim the mastery of your being from your mind. Rejoice! Yearn for this eternal moment in the union with God and feel the magnitude of the supreme existence. Get deeper. Get more deeper....

Let's summarize the process...

  • Sit in a relaxed posture. Make sure that your spine and back is reasonably straight. Try to sit relatively still.
  • Now gently close your eyes and bring your awareness to the eyes and forehead area.
  • Softly gaze what ever is happening in front of your closed eyes. There should be no pressure on your eyes when you look inside.
  • Do not visualize or imagine anything on your own. Simply watch continuously what ever is occurring inside. Become a witness, a seer of inside.
  • Now thoughts may start to come. Don't flow with the thoughts. Simply be aware of the mind's magic. Don't try to stop the thoughts or keep any identification with them. Just watch the thoughts, concerns or desires that are arising inside. Watch the thoughts from a distance. Many times you may get swayed by the mind, but gently bring yourself back and keep looking on.
  • Go deeper and deeper inside with a softness without any direct effort and constantly watch what ever is happening inside.
  • Do not indulge or get lost in the thoughts. Simply be aware of the mind's magic.
  • Remember that you are a seer, a witness. Keep a distance from the mind and the more you detach form the mind, the more happier you will feel.
  • Sit in your own real nature and don't impose any thing from outside. Initially the mind may produce more and more thoughts. But don't get frustrated. Keep courage and don't put any pressure. Keep looking inside. By looking all that is unnecessary will drop on it's own. You don't have to do any thing. Just simply enjoy the present moment as it is.
  • Accept what ever is happening inside and don't try to change any thing.
  • Only watch and do nothing else. Live in the present moment. Don't interfere or flow with the mind. Keep watching what ever is going on inside - from a distance. Keep a little away from the mind. Just become a true witness of the mind.
  • Mind's circumstances are not your circumstances. Mind has the ability to go into the past or future, you cannot. So don't identify with the mind.
  • The nature of the mind is to do something all the time. Don't try to change the nature of the mind. All you have to do is to just watch it.
  • When you first sit to meditate, you will probably notice your thoughts or mind jumping around from here to there you might begin to feel anxious, thinking you can't possibly do it correctly. Or, you may become bored. Really bored! Don't worry. you are not doing anything wrong. This is the part of the process, to witness your mind at work and your consciousness as it frets, changes, and gets bored. Just keep observing. Don't judge. and, most of all, don't give up, get up, or give in. keep at it. Meditation requires practice, time and cultivates patience.