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Live Life In Totality

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Man is the supreme creation of God. The Almighty has cast him in His own image. He enjoys a distinguished position due to being blessed with versatile spiritual, mental and physical endowments. But unfortunately, man does not realise his privileged position and does not care to explore.

He thus exploits his spiritual wealth, which is the perennial source of peace, joy and robust health. He is spending his entire energy and precious time merely in pursuit of material pleasures. Consequently, modern materialistic trend has packed his life with stress and tension. Despite being provided with all sorts of physical comforts and luxuries, he is not at ease and this stressful life has made him a victim of several deadly maladies – Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma and so on.

Now the question arises - what has led him to this sad and gloomy state of affairs and how can it be cured? If we contemplate and analyse this problem in depth, we come to know that the solution lies not far, rather it lies within us only. Our major drawback is that our attitude towards life has been lopsided. We are not living our lie in totality. We have never tried to harness the everlasting spring of happiness and peace that lies within us. It does not mean that it is wrong to pursue material heights. They are absolutely necessary and rather desirable for a colourful human life but there should be a proper balance, a kind of harmony between the material and spiritual aspects of life. If we are rich and strong from within, we can enjoy even material and worldly pleasures in a better way.

The key to unlock inner treasure is Meditation. Meditation, known as ‘dhyan’ in Hindi, is not any religious rite or ceremony belonging to any particular religion but it is the essence of all human religions on earth. In fact, its veracity and power is well proved by Indian sages and saints, over the years. In today’s hectic life, when everybody is under the same kind of tension, meditation provides the most effective antidote to diffuse not only stress and depression, but it is a kind of panacea for all ailments related to Psychosis. Modern science has also found it to be highly beneficial and effective for treating many fatal diseases. Recent scientific experiments have proved that, meditation not only gives relief in bodily pains but also its regular practice has miraculously cleared blocked arteries that lead to Cardiac Arrest. Besides, it consolidates our personality by strengthening our will power, self-confidence, power of concentration and working efficiency. A regular meditator remains comparatively calm and composed in the face of stress and crises; he is well equipped within to resolve it peacefully.

Now, when all said about the plus-points of meditation, you will ask, what Vishvas Meditation is and how it can be practiced? The concept behind meditation is quite simple and scientific. It needs no complicated technique or hard work. The seeker has to divert only his attention or consciousness from outward to inward. He has to sit straight with eyes closed looking inside i.e. he has to focus his mind or ‘Dhyan’ inside. He has to do nothing, not even reciting of any mantras or hymns. While looking inside, he will find himself in pitch darkness all around vibrating with conflicting thoughts of past and future. Often in the beginning the person finds it difficult to keep sitting and continue watching the inner T.V. screen but he should not leave ground and should carry on. Actually, this traffic of thoughts is not something foreign to his personality, but it is a true and factual projection of his real self. In our practical life, it is the constant traffic of thoughts, which drains our vitality and generates tension and other ailments. The purpose of meditation is to slow down, tranquilize and ultimately wipe out these highly inflammable waves of mental ocean. It a person practices Vishvas Meditation piously for one hour daily at a stretch or break it up into two sittings of half an hour each either, preferable in the quiet hours of early morning or evening continuously, he himself will experience its tremendous effect. Since meditation is more a matter of experience than of preaching, you will believe in its power only when you yourself taste its fruit.

So come and start practicing this miraculous device, if you want to have real and refreshing thrill free of cost and a renewed life vibrant with radiant health, peace full of bliss, gaiety and immense brilliance. Surely, each one of us would love to have such glowing life but this can be had only if we aim to live our life in totality, keep in balance both the phases material as well as spiritual and only such a life is worth living.

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