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Non – Dualistic State

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Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji proclaims in one of his Retreats, “This life hinges on dualities of joy and sorrow, success and failure, praise and blame, birth and death, sun and shade, high and low, rich and poor. The ebb and flow, the rising and falling is the world’s very nature; it would be as logical to hold otherwise as to say that we may have life without death.

There is no pleasure in the world which may not be followed by pain sooner or later. Success is followed by failure and joy of meeting ends in the sorrow of separation. This is the truth that he who smiles today may have to face some hardship later in life. We the mortals, wish to have happiness and joy in all our lives without any suffering or sorrow because our true nature is All -Joy, All-Bliss, All-Knowledge and All-existence. Ours is non-dual state of One Existence beyond the dualities of birth and death, joy and sorrow.”

There is only one Existence and that one Existence takes NAAM and ROOP (name and form) and appears to be different. Unity in diversity and one in many is the plan of the universe. This is non-dualistic state the God is every where and there is nothing but God in reality. These outer forms and this dual throng of name and form and this phenomenal world are not real. All outer circumstances are illusive like serpent in a rope. If you could see the rope which is a reality, the serpent disappears and the rope remains.

Similarly if you could realize and feel earnestly that there is but one Reality, all these apparent differences will disappear. To see a table, you first see God and the table in and through Him. He is everywhere saying, “I am.” The moment you feel “I am”, you are conscious of “God”, “Existence”, “non-dualistic state”. Where shall we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our heart and in our living being?

A man of words sees the stone, the tree, the man, the woman, child, young, old, rich and poor but a man on non-dualistic state sees God in all of them which is the truth because the EXISTENCE is one. The devotee in non-dualistic state utters with deep emotion, “Thou are the man, thou art the woman, thou art the girl and thou art the boy. Thou art the old man tottering with a stick; thou art the young man walking in the pride of his strength. Thou art all that exists.”

Egotism divides man from man and separates from God. Existence is only one but we in delusion created by egocentricity see it as many. Water contained in separate jars may look different in each jar but when the jars are broken, it will be found out that water is one and the same. A toy elephant is different from the toy mouse made out of clay but when melted, all is clay.

In order to lead a blissful life, we must realize our true nature through persistent meditation and experience ourselves that there is but one Reality of non-dualistic state and that Reality is we ourselves in our true nature. There aren’t any two. The same Reality is within you and your neighbour. That Reality or Self which is beyond all names and forms and all attributes and is non-dual is within you and permits of no differences. “I and my father are one.” There are three stages:-

“I am the messenger of God
I am the Son of God.
I and my father are one.”
“I am in Hari
Hari is in Me
I am Hari”

In non-dualistic state, the dual throng of pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, success and failure birth and death does not exist. All is ever-lasting Joy in that One Existence. The experience of the timeless, speechless Reality is beyond all thought and speech for when there is only One, who will speak to whom.

An aspirant for non-dualistic state steadily proceeds towards the realization of Supreme Truth by embarking upon the Inner Journey. He must guard himself against PRIDE, particularly the pride of virtue. If a man sincerely and honestly tries to attain strength from the infinite power hidden in him, he will be flooded with great illumination.

Even the weary process of acquiring the preliminary virtues will be hastened if the aspirant lives up to the conviction that he is the Eternal Self, NON-DUALIST and not the perishing body.

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